DIY Emoji School Supply Ideas

My favorite Youtuber is at it again with her creative spirit. She just released these 5 easy and cute Emoji school supplies. Watch this video to see her unique and amazing craft ideas. These Emoji DIYs are easy and kids will love these when they go back to school. These would also make fun gifts or party favors. Check it out now ūüôā

Lip Balm DIYs You Will Want To Try

Today I want to show you some amazing DIY lip balm projects that I came I across that you should really try.  For anybody who loves lip balm then you are really going to want to try these DIY ideas.  Making your own lip balm is a great way to save money and get exactly what you want and by using the right ingredients they can be all natural. It really is a lot cheaper to make your own lip balm.  Most recipes I have come across you only need 2 to 4 ingredients.

The first lip balm is so easy and fun for adults and kids.  For this Kool Aid lip gloss all you will need is Kool Aid, Coconut Oil, Water and Sugar.  All the instructions on how to put this lip gloss together can be found on Adventures in all thing Food.  Have some easy lip gloss that smells great.

The second lip balm is a Raspberry Lemon lip balm.  Simplistically Living has put together an incredible lip balm recipe.  Coconut Oil, Raspberry Gelatin Mix & Lemon Oil.  Melt the coconut oil down and add the rest of the ingredients and you will have your very own cheap lip balm.

The 3rd lip balm is actually more than 1 but I thought this was the most creative way and especially if you don’t have lip balm containers. ¬†I love the creative spirit of KimspiredDIY on YouTube. ¬†She has the most amazing videos and her ideas are also so unique. ¬†For this one she made lip balm out of school supplies. ¬†She shows you how to make a pencil sharpener lip balm, roll on glue lip gloss, paint palette lip balm, crayon and pencil lip balms. ¬†All these have their own lip balm recipes – you can check out the video for how to put them together. ¬†She has other lip balm videos you can check out too but this 1 I really enjoyed because I could use things besides a lip balm container which I don’t always have on hand.

I hope you enjoyed these lip balm ideas.  Again making your own lip balm is an easy and inexpensive way to have some great lip balm.  The web is full of great recipes to make your own Рso if you are in the mood to whip up some great lip balm then you are sure to find one you will really like.